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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000753 [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
trivialnew2014-04-23ASSERT and ASSERT2 macro use deprecated opp_error method
   0000752 [OMNeT++]
Installer / Productizing
minornew2014-04-22Error while executing Make
   0000751 [OMNeT++]
IDE / C++ development
minornew2014-04-02Content assist fails when adding another OMNeT++ project reference
   0000750 [OMNeT++]
Installer / Productizing
minornew2014-03-30Missing library <unistd.h>
   0000749 [INET Framework]
minornew2014-03-24EtherPauseFrame arrival during IFG is neglected
   0000748 [INET Framework]
majornew2014-03-24Cannot send EtherPauseFrame when the TX is in paused state
   0000747 [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
minornew2014-03-22std::to_string method is not available using g++ for Windows (C++11)
   0000746 [INET Framework]
minornew2014-03-22Cannot compile INET under Windows due to a name clash with "fileExists"
  0000745 [INET Framework]
featurenew2014-03-20Tunnel App for INET
   0000744 [INET Framework]
minornew2014-03-18In the TCPGenericCliAppBase and derived applications the local socket port number is being renewed at each connect
   0000743 [INET Framework]
trivialnew2014-03-18Impossible to receive PauseFrame with pauseUnits = 0 (unpause)
   0000740 [OMNeT++]
majornew2014-03-07PassiveQueue statistics bug?
IDE / simulation launcher
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-03-03Cannot stop a batch in the progress dialog
   0000739 [INET Framework]
featurenew2014-03-03Make static
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-02-26user manual in Eclipse's online docs looks different
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-02-26Invalid html in TicToc tutorial.
   0000738 [OMNeT++]
IDE / sequence chart
trivialnew2014-02-24Exception on overwriting an SVG file
   0000737 [OMNeT++]
IDE / sequence chart
minornew2014-02-24No refresh of chart after changing Timeline/Ordering mode
simulation kernel
minornew2014-02-24Wildcards in NED-import can leave out module interfaces
IDE / sequence chart
minornew (levy)2014-02-24Context menu is not fully working on EventLog table
IDE / sequence chart
minorresolved (levy)2014-02-24Tooltips are not shown in Eventlog
IDE / sequence chart
minorresolved (levy)2014-02-24Event log event filter problems
   00007351[INET Framework]
minornew2014-02-19IPvXAddress::doPacking results in a weird infinite loop
   0000734 [OMNeT++]
IDE / INI editor
minornew2014-02-14Error-line is not correctly shown if a marker is dblclicked in Problems view
   0000733 [OMNeT++]
IDE / INI editor
minornew2014-02-14Outlinew view does not follow the cursor position in INI editor
  0000732 [OMNeT++]
IDE / INI editor
minornew2014-02-14Missing tree refresh in INI Editor / Parameters after dragging a parameter
   0000731 [OMNeT++]
IDE / result analysis
majornew2014-02-14std::bad_alloc error happens when several MB .sca files are processed in .anf file to get a chart such as bar or scatter ones
  0000730 [OMNeT++]
IDE / INI editor
minornew2014-02-14In the INI file wizard it is possible to select a non-network type for the Network
   0000729 [OMNeT++]
IDE / NED editor
minornew2014-02-13Selection (caret) is not followed by the Outline and Property view in the NED source editor
   0000728 [OMNeT++]
IDE / NED editor
minornew2014-02-13EPS export issue in NED editor
   0000727 [OMNeT++]
IDE / NED editor
minornew2014-02-13The figure of the channel is too short and the name of the channel is clipped
  0000720 [OMNeT++]
IDE / other
minornew2014-02-13Project dependencies are not opened on OMNeT++ Samples window
IDE / NED editor
minorresolved (andras)2014-02-11Wildcards in signal names are not accepeted by NED editor
   0000719 [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
featurenew2014-02-11Parametrizable ResultRecorders
simulation kernel
minorresolved (andras)2014-02-10signal property type attribute requires namespace
IDE / result analysis
majorresolved (tomi)2014-02-05Large vector files leads to exception in Analasis file
IDE / NED editor
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-02-03'?' mark does not disappear from connection arrow when condition is removed
   0000711 [OMNeT++]
IDE / generic
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-01-31Intro pages don't appear after dismissing Welcome View
Installer / Productizing
featureresolved (rhornig)2014-01-31Target for IDE build in org.omnetpp.product that would mirror a given version of eclipse needed for compile
   0000312 [OMNeT++]
IDE / generic
featureresolved (rhornig)2014-01-31IDE does not have a "dropins" directory like a normal eclipse installation
IDE / NED editor
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-01-31The context menu in the editor contains two items of Open C++ Definition
IDE / other
majorresolved (andras)2014-01-31opp_msgc does not respect namespace when generating #ifndef/#define
IDE / sequence chart
crashresolved (rhornig)2014-01-30IDE crashes if Release memory is selected from the SEQ Chart's context menu
   00007131[INET Framework]
minornew2014-01-30Inet build issue on MacOS
simulation kernel
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-01-29nedtool linker error: undefined reference to `ned1yylex_destroy()'
IDE / generic
majorresolved (rhornig)2014-01-27Eclipse menu doesn't appear on Ubuntu 13.10 with Unity user interface
   0000710 [OMNeT++]
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-01-27Missing index in InstallGuide, MigrationGuide, CustiomizationGuide, DevelopersGuide
command line tools
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-01-22OMNeT 4.4: Can't compile with make -j16
IDE / generic
crashnew2014-01-14Memory Leak
IDE / generic
crashresolved (andras)2014-01-09Omnetpp/Omnest 4.3.0 IDE: Eclipse crashes in soup_session_feature_detach with Fedora 19 / new versions of WebKitGTK
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