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  000078911 [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
crashresolved (andras)2014-11-27Bug in -- malloc(): memory corruption (fast)
  0000782    [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
majorresolved (andras)2014-11-26CQN examples are not running
  00007842   [OMNeT++]
IDE / result analysis
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-11-26Analysis Tool: scalar sum() operation broken
  00007882   [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
minorresolved (andras)2014-11-21seed-set=${1,2,3} syntax results in error
  0000787 1 [INET Framework]
crashnew2014-11-19AODVUU - Multiple send of the same packet without duplicating it.
  00007831   [OMNeT++]
command line tools
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-11-19bundled git in win32 distribution does not support the http/https protocol
  000078612 [INET Framework]
majornew2014-11-19AODVUU - Maximum number of interfaces is hardcoded, but not verification is made on the actual number, hence memory corruption.
  00007853   [OMNeT++]
Installer / Productizing
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-11-14MSYS: incorrect OMNETPP_IMAGE_PATH
  0000781 1 [INET Framework]
majornew2014-10-22Incorrectly added multi-dimensional (time x frequency) analog signal representations (inherited from MiXiM)
  0000780    [INET Framework]
crashnew2014-10-14Ieee80211Mac - potential segfault when using internal queueing module
  00007661   [OMNeT++]
IDE / generic
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-10-03Static build is not working with clang
  00005335   [OMNeT++]
command line tools
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-10-03MINGW: msys\etc\profile
  000074711 [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-10-03std::to_string method is not available using g++ for Windows (C++11)
  00007771   [OMNeT++]
command line tools
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-10-03On first start mingwenv dumps an error message
  00007791   [OMNeT++]
IDE / C++ development
majorresolved (rhornig)2014-10-03It's not possible to create a new OMNET project
  00007751   [OMNeT++]
command line tools
featureresolved (rhornig)2014-09-24Ability to turn off include directory auto discover during makefile generation
  0000751    [OMNeT++]
IDE / C++ development
minornew2014-09-24Content assist fails when adding another OMNeT++ project reference
  000076311 [OMNeT++]
IDE / C++ development
majornew2014-09-24No help proposals in a project that depends from another.
  00007732   [OMNeT++]
IDE / NED editor
minorresolved (andras)2014-09-23Specifying a property on two lines is not possible on Linux
  00007721   [OMNeT++]
IDE / NED editor
minorresolved (andras)2014-09-23Formatting problem with semicolon in properties
  00007191   [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
featurenew2014-09-09Parametrizable ResultRecorders
  00007681   [OMNeT++]
Installer / Productizing
majorresolved (rhornig)2014-09-08Installation of INET stuck at 91% on OMNeT++ 4.5
  0000776    [OMNeT++]
IDE / NED editor
minornew2014-09-05Wrong content assist list for module properties
  0000774    [OMNeT++]
command line tools
minornew2014-09-05Allow generating NED doc from the command line
  0000771    [OMNeT++]
majornew2014-08-20Invalid code (record=stddev) in OMNeT manual
  000077012 [OMNeT++]
IDE / INI editor
minornew2014-08-17Graphical dialogue to edit *.ini files does not display all forms
  0000769 1 [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
minornew2014-07-31cVarHistogram produces wrong results with custom (ie manually specified) cells
  00006871   [INET Framework]
majornew2014-07-18Buffer Overflow Error in
  0000767    [OMNeT++]
Installer / Productizing
minornew2014-07-18Do we need the TCL_LIBRARY variable at all?
  00007582   [OMNeT++]
Installer / Productizing
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-07-16OMNeT++ does not compile with -std=c++11 flag
  0000765    [INET Framework]
minornew2014-07-09IPv4NetworkConfigurator check for transmission channel
  0000764    [INET Framework]
minornew2014-07-09error in IPvXAddressResolver::findHostWithAddress(const IPvXAddress & add)
  00007501   [OMNeT++]
Installer / Productizing
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-06-26Missing library <unistd.h>
  0000762    [OMNeT++]
IDE / C++ development
featurenew2014-06-19Possibility to build a project without locking the workspace
  00007601   [INET Framework]
trivialnew2014-05-16tcpType setting in omnetpp.ini missing for certain examples
  0000761    [OMNeT++]
IDE / NED editor
minornew2014-05-16The IDE should be able to evaluate firstAvailable() for parameter values
  00006611   [INET Framework]
majorresolved (rhornig)2014-05-16EtherSwitch misses queueing models
  0000759    [OMNeT++]
command line tools
minornew2014-05-13opp_makedep ignores defines of project features
  0000757    [INET Framework]
majornew2014-05-07inet 2.3 Linker issue on OS X 10.9.2
  0000756    [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
featurenew2014-05-07Missing feature in NED inheritance (submodule overwriting)
  00006311   [INET Framework]
majorresolved (rhornig)2014-05-05The Bit error rate is wrong computed.
  00007132   [INET Framework]
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-05-05Inet build issue on MacOS
  00007461   [INET Framework]
minorresolved (rhornig)2014-05-05Cannot compile INET under Windows due to a name clash with "fileExists"
  000075411 [INET Framework]
majorresolved (rhornig)2014-05-05Ieee8021dRelay is missing INET_API macro
  0000755    [OMNeT++]
IDE / simulation launcher
majornew2014-04-30CMDned error
  0000753    [OMNeT++]
simulation kernel
trivialnew2014-04-23ASSERT and ASSERT2 macro use deprecated opp_error method
  0000749    [INET Framework]
minornew2014-03-24EtherPauseFrame arrival during IFG is neglected
  0000748    [INET Framework]
majornew2014-03-24Cannot send EtherPauseFrame when the TX is in paused state
  0000745    [INET Framework]
featurenew2014-03-20Tunnel App for INET
  0000744    [INET Framework]
minornew2014-03-18In the TCPGenericCliAppBase and derived applications the local socket port number is being renewed at each connect
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