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0001000: Time for a Commemoration - A 1000. Bug Report Feature Request
To celebrate the 999. real bugs that have been reported, discussed and (partly) fixed over the course of 3050 days (or 8 years, 4 months and 5 days), I want to request a new feature, specifically a new mobility model, which could be integrated into OMNeT++ / INET:

"The Homesick Lévy Walk"

(Refer to [^] as well as [^] for details about the mathematical background etc.)

First introduced by researchers Akihiro Fujihara and Hiroyoshi Miwa, the Homesick Lévy Walk (HLW) is a mobility model that: "is a simple extended model of Lévy Walk that we proposed to explain the frequency of serendipitous human encounters in daily life."

Serendipitous human encounters have surely been the basis for the development of OMNeT++, INET and many other simulation models and frameworks over the years. Without the hard working members of the core team, the ever changing members of the research community and the OMNeT++ users in general, OMNeT++ and INET wouldn't probably be what they are today.

Just as the Homesick Lévy Walk models an Ichi-go Ichi-e (一期一会) property, describing the concept of treasuring meetings/get-togethers/unions that take place, we should too cherish the "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity that brought everyone together who worked for and with OMNeT++, so that the next 1000 bugs are either quickly reported and fixed or never occur at all.
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