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0001017OMNeT++runtime / Qtenvpublic2017-09-20 14:192018-06-19 08:25
0001017: The GUI should be able to display network nodes, packet data and other domain specific data in a more accessible way.
The default inspector displays the packet data in a way which is difficult to comprehend. The reason is that there are many other fields in a packet data structure which are not strictly part of the packet data but rather some technical data (e.g. flags). We need some way, some filter mechanism that allows the user to focus on the actual packet data.

Similarly for network nodes and network interfaces, we need a way to display the communication network relevant data in a more accessible way. For example, selecting a network node module does not reveal directly its IP and MAC addresses. In general, the user interface allows drilling down for the data we are looking for but that is very inconvenient.

My suggested solution is the following:
 - change network node modules and network interface modules to have their own classes
 - add descriptors for those classes which provide the immediately useful fields as needed
 - group and tag these fields to allow filtering in the GUI
 - group and tag fields in packets and chunks
 - make sure that most chunk fields are packet data by default (without extra syntax)
 - implement some kind of filtering mechanism for tags in the GUI
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One small part of this is in place now: the filtered message contents view in the GOI (packet mode), making use of the @packetData property.