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0000102OMNeT++IDE / simulation launcherpublic2009-09-04 09:132009-10-26 16:39
0000102: Usability issue when starting a simulation built as a shared library
Every week 3-4 people are asking help on mailing list about:

<!> Error during startup: Cannot load library 'C:/omnetpp-4.0/samples/
inetmanet/src//libinet.dll': The specified module could not be found.
OMNeT++ Discrete Event Simulation (C) 1992-2008 Andras Varga, OpenSim

This is the result, that they are trying to run an example while the build process was unsuccessful. The above message is somewhat misleading for a beginner, and does not tell what is the problem. We should implement an additional check that checks for the required libraries and their existence before trying to lanunch with opp_run. If the library does not exisist it should direct the user to build it (and advise that probably there are errors during build.) Also we should extend our run scripts with a check. They should report meningfule message if the shared lib does not exisit (inseat of blindly starting opp_run)
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2009-10-26 16:02   
This bug is similar to 0000103, but it is not the same. There might be other errors preventing the simulation to be successfully started which do not create error markers. An example of that would be insufficient write permissions to the output directory, or something similar which prevents outputting the executable.
2009-10-26 16:39   
After actually checking this in the IDE it turns out to be resolved by the bug 0000103. In other words, checking the error markers on the related projects seems to be sufficient.

Tried with an mkdir command that fails due to an already existing directory.