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0001021OMNeT++documentationpublic2017-10-04 10:032017-10-05 15:14
x86_64Ubuntu16.04.1 LTS
0001021: Typo on section 5.3 of Tic-Toc tutorial
On the paragraph:
"The source key specifies the signal we want our statistic to attach to. The record key can be used to tell what should be done with the received data. In our case we sepcify that each value must be saved in a vector file (vector) and also we need to calculate min,max,mean,count etc. (stats). (NOTE: stats is just a shorthand for min, max, mean, sum, count etc.) With this step we have finished our model."

The word "specify" is misspelled ("sepcify").
Generated on Mon May 8 2017 12:28:21 for Tictoc Tutorial by doxygen 1.8.11.

OMNeT++ IDE Version 5.1.1, Build id 170508-adbadb0.
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