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0001031OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2018-02-12 10:232018-02-12 10:23
0001031: Opening cWatchBase that wraps a composite object in the object inspector gives garbage results
Opening a watch of a composite object (cObject, or struct with a descriptor) in the object inspector gives garbage values for the fields, and often crashes.
Run tests/anim/watch in either Tkenv or Qtenv
Execute the first event (press F4)
In the object inspector, double click on "gm (GeneratedMessage) (new msg)"
-> Crash
cWatchBase (and all its specialized subclasses) lies about its own className.
In the case of a composite object (cObject [ptr or ref] and structs) it also returns a descriptor corresponding to the wrapped object.
This leads to the cWatchBase... object itself being inspected with the descriptor of the wrapped type.
Solution hint: proxy descriptor
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