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0001036OMNeT++runtime / Qtenvpublic2018-05-14 10:432018-05-14 10:43
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0001036: Checkbox state in log output filter dialog
The checkbox state of inner nodes in the log output filter dialog of Qtenv do not indicate (for example with a partially checked, or "greyed out" state) that their descendants have a mixed log output suppression state.

See original description at:!topic/omnetpp/fkQkDilZJ0o [^]
- Load a non-trivial model in Qtenv
- Open the filter dialog of the Log Inspector
- Disable log output for some, but not all non-root modules
- Observe that the ancestors of the altered modules do not indicate this change
See the reply mail to the original report on the mailing list, linked in the Description.
Since there is really two different information to represent (one is the filter state of the inner module itself, the other is the indication of the state of the descendants), there really should be a distinct way to represent each.

I would say (having changed my mind after sending the reply mail in the thread) that using the greyed-out state to indicate the mixed state of the descendents makes more sense, since this is the intuitive and expected behavior, and it work in the most common scenarios. The output filter state of the inner module itself should be indicated in a different way (perhaps with a symbol written after the module name/info text in the tree?).
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