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0001039OMNeT++runtime / Qtenvpublic2018-05-16 10:032018-05-16 10:03
0001039: Log output filtering based on module is confusing
The filtering in the module output (log) mode of the Log Inspector in Qtenv works in mysterious ways.
It is not clear which module is considered during filtering: the one that processes the current event, or the one that does the actual logging (see Enter_Method() for why these might not be the same).

The behavior of the filter in this regard should be clear to the user. It might have to be adjusted as well, to make it more usable/intuitive/logical/configurable/etc. Then it should be documented (at least a note in the dialog).

Also, in some cases (during network initialization, and inside method calls) the same module path is prefixed twice, with different color.
Run any non-trivial INET simulation with mobility and/or 802.11, and fiddle with the module filter of the log output window.
See original report and some explanation here: [^]
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