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0001050OMNeT++runtime / Qtenvpublic2018-09-18 05:082018-09-19 09:22
0001050: Qtenv does not show all the links
Have a look at the example in ospfv2/areatests (configuration backbone). There is an Ethernet connection between R[0] and R[9] (on the two ends of the internetwork), as shown in the picture attached, but no line is shown in the Qtenv.
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png 2018-09-17_22-04-35.png (59,612) 2018-09-18 05:08
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2018-09-18 08:54   
Isn't this a graphical issue? Like, maybe the line there but it is behind the router icons and other lines. You could check that by moving one router icon up or down a little, e.g. by editing its display string in the inspector.
2018-09-18 16:30   
Yes, you'r right. The line is there, but not visible.

The following display is used for all the routers. So probably, an overlay detection logic should be present to draw the line so that it does not overlap with the exiting nodes.


As a temporary solution, the example could be modified so that the line between R[0] and R[9] be visible.
2018-09-19 09:22   
Certainly. Connection routing has been on our TODO list for a while, but so far there were always more important things to do. We need to prioritize, otherwise we'll we be overwhelmed...

We'll modify the example.