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0000113OMNeT++IDE / NED editorpublic2009-10-21 13:272011-05-20 10:15
0000113: Connection chooser always offers gate[0] and not the first free gate
NED editor connection drawer does not work well, the index of the gate does not increased. If the size of the gates was specified, as in the following case:

module M1 {
    gates: inout g[5];

module M2 {
    gates: inout g[];

module CM {
        m11: M1;
        m12: M1;
            gates: g[5];
            gates: g[5];

If we use the connection drawer of the IDE, only g[0] will be used.

The following codes are generated by the IDE:
        m12.g[0] <--> m22.g[0];
        m22.g[0] <--> m21.g[0];
        m21.g[0] <--> m11.g[0];
        m11.g[0] <--> m12.g[0];
Suggested workaround: use g++ and automatic gate size instead.
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Solution can be nontrivial when "for" loops and/or conditional connections are involved.