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0000132OMNeT++IDE / INI editorpublic2010-01-22 11:122011-02-22 23:52
0000132: Option to disable automatic validation in the ini file editor
If the number of the configurable parameters in INI file are too large, the ini editor works very slowly. It is probably related to the INI error check feature.

If so, could the INI error check/hint feature be turn on/off in IDE by user? When turned off, there should be a "Check Now" menu item available.
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2010-10-21 10:39   
I think this feature is very helpful to enable the further effective use of the IDE. I have a topology of 100 nodes. It is hardly possible to open the INI file, even if I waited a long time and opened it, the INI parser hinders me to type anything in the INI file. So I don't use the IDE to edit INI any more, but an external plain editor. However, occasionally, if I clicked that INI file, I had to restart the OMNEST, which is really annoying.
2011-02-22 23:52   
Implemented. Please check if it's OK!

There are still some performance problems associated with NED related Views (Module Hierarchy, Module Parameters), better close them and re-start the IDE if you experience performance problems. These will be fixed in another cycle.