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0000143OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2010-03-08 18:402011-12-15 14:22
0000143: gdb fails to load from IDE
Trying to debug my simulation from the IDE it reports the following:

.gdbinit: No such file or directory.
Reading symbols from D:\workspace\omnetpp\bionetssim\src\bionetssim.exe...done.

[New Thread 6616.0x17b4]
Error: dll starting at 0x770c0000 not found.
Error: dll starting at 0x76940000 not found.
Error: dll starting at 0x770c0000 not found.
Error: dll starting at 0x76fc0000 not found.
../../gdb-7.0/gdb/thread.c:79: internal-error: inferior_thread: Assertion `tp' failed.
A problem internal to GDB has been detected,
further debugging may prove unreliable.
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2010-03-08 21:44   
Wrong tree ;) OMNeT++'s C++ debugger comes from the Eclipse CDT project, which in turn relies on gdb, and here it looks very much like gdb crashed. OMNeT++ has nothing to do with that.

The issue should probably be submitted to the gdb bugtracker, with exact platform and gdb version information.
2010-06-23 12:58   
I reopened the issue, as I found the fix.

The problem is that OMNeT++ bundles an old version of gdb that has known problems on 64bit systems. The fix is to overwrite it with the new 7.0.1 version: [^]
2010-06-23 13:26   
(edited on: 2010-06-23 13:29)
Unfortunately, 7.0.1 also have problems so we had to revert back to the 6.6 version :( The set-environment command (which is used by the IDE to set the path for the debugged process) is not working on gdb 6.8 and 7.0.1... Sadly this means that you would not be able to debug certain projects at all, which is a showstopper...

See [^] for further details. [^] [^]

Seems that a patch was submitted to the mingw gdb team. We will revisit the issue for the next omnet release and try to update to the latest gdb if possible

2010-12-10 16:38   
Seems that gdb 7.2 is available. Could you please recheck the *original* problem using i.e. debugging it on a 64 bit system) using the new gdb? [^]
2010-12-11 14:08   
gdb 7.2 still suffers from the problem, so we will remain with gdb 6.6 for a while.
2011-09-20 14:26   
(edited on: 2011-09-20 14:27)
gdb 7.3 still have this issue. A patch submitted on the gdb patches list: [^]

Let's hope it will become mainstream.

2011-12-15 14:22   
Now we have our own hand compiled gdb version patched with the necessary fixes.