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0000149OMNeT++IDE / documentation generatorpublic2010-03-29 15:502010-05-05 16:06
0000149: neddoc error: Process exec error for /usr/bin/dot (exit code 139) : dot: width (34661 >= 32768) is too large
I get an the following error pop up, if I try to build the NED documentation for OverSim:

An internal error occurred during: "Generating NED Documentation...".
org.omnetpp.common.util.ProcessUtils$ExecException: Process exec error for /usr/bin/dot (exit code 139) : dot: width (34661 >= 32768) is too large.

Unfortunately there is no hint which ned files causes the problem. With omnetpp-4-0 it seems to work.
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msg DotTest.msg (16,890) 2010-04-22 15:36
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2010-04-20 21:53   
Hi Ingmar,

Just tried to reproduce it, but every time the generation goes through without error. OverSim-20090908, current (unpatched) INET master, current [pre-4.1b4] IDE, Windows, dot.exe version 1.10. What was your platform, and esp. dot version?

dot tends to generate very wide diagrams about NED files, so it is possible that the width has overflown inside dot. (The IDE does not pass any image size or coordinates to dot, the image is all laid out by dot.) So far we haven't found options to convince dot to use vertical space better, i.e. to arrange nodes on multiple lines. Ideas are welcome.

Workaround is to turn off the offending diagram in the Generate Docu dialog...
2010-04-21 10:53   
Tried on Ubuntu 9.10 and dot version 2.20.2; same OverSim version (but without INET imported, we only created an empty project named INET) -- worked fine.

Any ideas how to reproduce it?
2010-04-22 15:37   
To reproduce create an empty project and import the attached message file.
2010-04-23 13:49   
Related GraphViz bug report: [^]

Looks like we need to use the "size" attribute.
2010-05-05 16:06   
Added -Gsize=300,300 and -Gdpi=96 options to the "dot" command line. That results in maximum 28,800x28,800 pixel images (original result is scaled down).