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0000017OMNeT++runtime / Tkenvpublic2008-12-04 11:042008-12-06 09:24
0000017: Scrolling in filtered main window feels strange
When you filter out a bigger part of the output, scrolling starts to get more and more strange: The main window will scroll for a bit, than stop for a while, and then start scrolling agin. Meanwhile the size of the scrollbar will fluctuate from really small to fairly big in a seemingly random manner.
This can get really annoing if trying to scroll through the output output of one single module in a bigger simulation.
It seems scrolling is done before filtering, i.e. it will scroll (internally) through all messages, even non-displayed ones, which leads to "stuttering".
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2008-12-04 11:32   
I'm afraid I cannot do much about this. Filtering is implemented with a built-in feature of the Tk text widget, which I have no control over.

Basically, the text widget makes it possible to attach "tags" to regions of text in the widget, and assign formatting (font, color, hidden!!!) to tags -- which apply to all pieces of text tagged accordingly. Tkenv tags text coming from different modules with the module ID as tag, and the filter dialog just turns on/off the hidden ("elided" in Tk lingo) flag on those tags. See [^]

To fixing the strange behaviour you described, I would have to replace the above simple implementation with something much more complicated (i.e. store the full log and do the filtering in our code). This does not fit into the 4.0 release, but we'll consider it for a future version...
2008-12-06 09:23   
Fixed as part of 0000016.