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0000171OMNeT++IDE / result analysispublic2010-06-16 10:292013-08-06 15:00
resolvedunable to reproduce 
0000171: Changing display name of chart lines in scatter chart does not work
If you change the display name of chart lines of scatter chart in its "Properties" dialogue under "Lines" in the edit-box "Display-name" it does not affect the display-name in the "Line Id | Display name" table in the same dialogue above nor the displayed name in the charts legend. However it does store and change the name displayed in the edit-box where you changed it itself. But apart from that I couldn't see any other visual effect of the change.

It does work perfectly for "Line charts".

Appeared on Linux Ubuntu 9.10 together with Omnetpp 4.1 (release) as well as with Mac 10.6.3 and Omnetpp 4.1 RC1 (not tested with other configurations).
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2010-06-16 10:38   
Easiest way to reproduce this problem is trying to change the display name in omnetpps "resultfiles" example in the scatter chart of "PureAlohaExperiment.anf".
2013-08-06 15:00   
I was unable to reproduce this with OMNeT++ 4.3.