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0000173OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2010-06-23 11:442010-12-11 14:26
0000173: "Clean Project" function cleans base projects as well
When choosing "Clean Project" from a project's context menu, it also cleans the project(s) that project depends on.

This is especially inconvenient if my project depends on a large project like INET. When I clean my project via context menu->Clean it cleans INET as well, which takes a long time to rebuild.

Clean should only clean the local project (or ask whether to clean base projects as well).
I found two workarounds:

1. Use the Project->Clean... function from the main menu instead. It lets you explicitly select which projects to clean.

2. Alternatively, Project Properties->C/C++ Build->Behavior tab lets you specify whether the project should react at all to the Clean (and/or Build) commands in the IDE (two checkboxes at the bottom). If you turn off Clean for the INET project there, then in general INET will never be cleaned (i.e. cannot be cleaned) using the context->Clean Project and Project->Clean... menu item. Then if you still wish to rebuild INET sometime, then you'll need to manually delete the "out" folder, or go via the "Make Targets" view. (Note: if you turn off both Build and Clean, then apparently the targets in Make Targets cease to work as well.)
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2010-06-23 11:46   
Suggestion: add a "Clean local" menu item to the project's context menu that would only clean the local project and not the base projects.
2010-12-11 14:26   
Added "Clean Selected Project" item to the project's context menu. Shown only if the project has a C++ nature. It is also possible to manually select (ctrl+click) several projects and clean only those.