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0000174OMNeT++documentationpublic2010-06-23 13:052011-08-02 12:50
0000174: Rock solid solution to run the IDE on 64 bit windows
The issue with the IDE that it is based on a 32 bit Eclipse. This will not work on a 64 bit JRE/JDK. The problem is that eclipse will not detect even when a 32 bit JRE/JDK is present and will exit with an error message.

Solution: There is a less known feature of eclipse, that it searches for a directory named "jre" in its installation directory and uses that JRE as default (even when another one is installed on that system). Using this feature, the easy fix is to take a 32 bit JRE, and then copy it under the /ide/jre directory of OMNeT++.

With this fix, and my other one in 0000143 OMNeT++ will be fully functional under 64 bit Windows systems.

As this modification does not involve any code modifications, I posted this under the category of documentation.
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2011-08-02 12:50   
Added a private JRE to the windows ZIP distribution.