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0000175OMNeT++IDE / INI editorpublic2010-06-24 11:142011-05-24 12:54
0000175: Error markers in included ini files
When I open an ini file that was meant to be included in other ini file(s), the editor may flag it with errors, which is confusing. The main annoyance is that every time I want to launch the simulation, the IDE will say "Error exist in project X, continue?"

The included inifile should somehow be validated as part of a "main" inifile, not by itself.
Enter the following two ini files, and open sub.ini:

  [Config Base]
  include sub.ini

  [Config Ext]
  extends=Base <-- Error, because the editor doesn't know this file will be used as part of main.ini

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2010-06-24 11:58   
Possible solutions:

option 1: Add the possibility to explicitly annotate the ini file with the name of the "main" ini file to be used as validation root, e.g. as
  #%main: main.ini

  (1) user has to enter this line explicitly (but: editor could offer inserting it)
  (2) this line may become obsolete (but: line could be annotated with message: "referenced files does not exist" or "does not include this file")
  (3) there may be several files this file is included into (and user wants validation as each of them as root); option to specify more than one file on the line?

option 2: Automatically validate the file as part of every "main" ini file that includes it (i.e. inifile that does not get included anywhere).
issues: it cannot be automatically detected which inifiles are "main" files, as an inifile may be used as "main" inifile in one simulation, and as "included" inifile in another.
2011-05-24 12:54   
In 4.2b3, markers are removed from the ini files when you close the editor. This should largely alleviate the problem.