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0000176OMNeT++IDE / INI editorpublic2010-06-24 11:232011-03-01 15:13
0000176: Obsolete error markers on ini files
The editor only validates ini files while they are open. When you close the editor, the error markers will stay on the ini file (and are visible in the Problems view, and also in Project Explorer as small overlay icons on the files).

This may result in obsolete error markers, if the errors "go away" while the ini editor is closed.
1. Create an ini file with this content in the Inifile Editor:
  network = Foo <-- "Error: network Foo not found"
2. Close the editor
3. Create a NED file with a network "Foo"
4. Ini file error will stay (see Problems view)


1. Create an ini file with this content in the Inifile Editor:
  sim-time-limmmmit = 60s <-- typo results in "Invalikd config option" error
2. Close the editor
3. Fix the file outside the IDE (e.g. using vi)
4. Error still stays (even if you refresh the project in the IDE)

Ini file needs to be opened for the error to go away.
Proposed solution:

option 1: closed ini files should not have error markers (remove error markers when the editor closes)

option 2: validate ini files in the background (performance impact!)
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2011-03-01 15:13   
option 1 implemented:

Markers are removed when the ini file has been closed.
Included ini files may have multiple markers for the same error, their message refers to the main ini file that was parsed/analyzed.