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0000182OMNeT++IDE / result analysispublic2010-07-04 21:522010-07-13 09:47
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0000182: Line type on vector chart does get reflected in the Chart Properties dialog
Line type setting does not get reflected in the Chart Properties dialog. It apparently takes effect and is stored as well (in charts saved into a dataset, the setting survives chart close & reopen), but the dialog always says "Auto".
1. Open any vector on a line chart by double-clicking it.
2. Open Chart Properties, change the line type from "Auto" to something else, and click Apply, Close. The line rendering on the chart changes, as expected.
3. Open Chart Properties again, go to the line type setting: it will again read "Auto", and the preview will be incorrect as well.

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2010-07-13 09:47   
When multiple lines were selected then 'No change' was displayed as the line type to prevent accidental overwriting. Now if the property value is the same for each selected line, then that value is displayed.