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0000184OMNeT++IDE / sequence chartpublic2010-07-04 22:132010-07-19 13:09
0000184: SeqChart: Misleading "reuse" arrows appear when method calls are involved
When a reused message is sent inside a method call, the reuse arrow (green dotted) points to the axis of the event's module, not to the module that did the send() call.
Record an event log from the "ResourceAllocation" Queueing example. The example contains two queues and a shared resource that they need to grab when they want to process a job.

Open the sequence chart. It will contain a lot of reuse arrows labelled "end-service", pointing from queue1 to queue2 or the other way. This is misleading because the timeout message never goes over from one queue to another; what happens is that the reuse occurs inside a method call but this fact seems to be ignored by the sequence chart tool.

The reuse arrow should rather point to the axis of the module which was in context when the reuse occurred.
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2010-07-19 13:08   
The message reuse arrows end point was wrong when the message was reused from a module method call.
2010-07-19 13:09   
A reuse message arrow end point might be different from the event's module when affected by a module method call.