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0000188OMNeT++IDE / result analysispublic2010-07-08 09:312010-07-08 14:28
0000188: Analysis editor: Focus problems when switching pages
In the Analysis editor, focus is not restored correctly when a page loses and then re-gains focus.

Example 1: Go to Browse Data page, All tab, and open a few tree nodes (note that it gets focus, enabling keyboard navigation; also note the mouse wheel scrolling works fine). Then switch to the Datasets page and back. Now the focus is transferred into the first filter field, so when trying to scroll the tree with the mouse wheel, it will scroll the filter combo and collapse the tree! This is very annoying (especially if you previously spent a lot of time navigating in the tree where you wanted).

Example 2: Go to Browse Data page, All tab, and give the tree focus. Now click into some other view (e.g. Outline or Project Explorer), and then activate the editor again by clicking its "whatever.anf" tab. The first filter field gets focus instead of the tree. Again, blindly scrolling with the mouse wheel ruins the current tree selection which is very annoying.

Example 3: on the Inputs page, click into one of the tables to give it focus. Then switch to the Browse Data page, ensure it has focus, then switch back to the Inputs page --> The table does NOT regain focus.

Example 4: On the Browse Data page: click the All tab and give the tree focus. Then click the Vectors page --> the tabfolder has the focus not something on the Vectors page! Then click the All tab again --> focus is NOT restored to the tree!

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2010-07-08 14:27   
Resolved, using the new FocusManager class