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0000195OMNeT++runtime / Tkenvpublic2010-07-29 17:062010-07-29 17:16
0000195: Tkenv crashes if Broadcast Animation option is turned on with parsim
If Broadcast Animation in Simulation Options is on, animation of parallel simulation will crash on messages going out of the partition.

Reason: the message object does not exist by the time Tkenv tries to display it. Broadcast animation postpones the message sending animation to after handleMessage() returns, but the message has been sent out of the partition and deleted by then.
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patch bcast-anim.patch (4,802) 2010-07-29 17:14
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2010-07-29 17:16   
See attached patch.

Note: current solution still has issues in the rare case if a message is deleted and a new message object is created at the same memory address, as their animations will get mixed up. A workaround would be to augment the message pointer with the message ID in anim_remember_msg to disambiguate it, but the result is still not perfect.