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0000002OMNeT++IDE / result analysispublic2008-11-12 04:062008-12-01 19:47
0000002: invalid statistics data
I don;t know if it is bug. When I finished my simulations I see problems with my statistics data.

Wrong file: invalid statistics data, file ...General-0.vci, line 69
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? General-0.vci (16,915) 2008-11-12 04:06
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2008-11-14 01:20   
I could not reproduce this bug by reading the file with a new scavetool command.

I suppose that the bug appears in the IDE, while the simulation is still running.
Does the error disappear after the simulation finished and you reopen the analysis file?

If not, then please attach the zipped .vec file too, so I can test it with the IDE.
2008-11-14 08:43   
Yes, the bug appers in the IDE. But not while the simulation is still running, but after simulation finished. You can find relevant file here. [^]
2008-11-17 02:50   
The attached .vci file and the vector file at the url does not belong to each other. The attached index file belongs to a 3544110 bytes long vector file. Please attach the .vec and .vci files that was generated in the _same_ run. (And try to keep them small by stopping the simulation at the earliest point where the bug presents.)

BTW, I tried to load the vector file in the IDE. It rebuilt the index file and worked ok.
2008-11-18 14:16   
Now I stopped simulation after 10 sec. Use finish button. Close omnet. I have one error in General-0.vci line 222. All files from results dir is here [^] I made new .anf file add *.sca and *.vec files. When I try view data on 'Browse data' tab I can't see anything.

When I delete *.vci file and make .anf file again. I can see vectors(694) but value is n.a. How you rebuilt the index file?

But I can't see scalar results still. Are you able see some scalar results from file I send you?
2008-11-20 15:13   
I try clean instalation if omnet++ 4.0b7 use aloha project and still have problems with invalid scalar file, invalid statistics data. Any idea?
2008-11-21 02:48   
I can open the files with Omnet++ 4.0b7 without problems.
I tested on Ubuntu 7.4 and Windows XP SP2.

Which os dou you use? Do you have a possibility to try it out on another machine?

It seems that scalars are not written in that run, that is why you can't see any scalars in the IDE.
2008-11-24 04:24   
I seem to have this problem too, once there are floating point values in the vectors. It appears, that there are problems reading those. Once I delete all lines with a dot in a number, the file is not corrupt, but then the lengths do not coincide.
2008-11-24 04:55   
What locale language/locale is set in your Linux installation?
2008-11-24 05:13   
I have everything that "locale" returns set to de_DE.UTF-8 and we normally use commas instead of dots as floating point divider, do you mean that could be the case?

2008-11-24 05:24   
Possibly. Locale surely affects the operation of standard C functions like strtod() that we rely on. We explicitly set the process locale to "C" when the IDE starts up, but maybe it's ineffective or some other code resets it to the original.
2008-11-24 05:32   
(edited on: 2008-11-24 05:33)
I've just found that the locale setting is thread-specific... This may be the key. (see [^] )

2008-11-24 07:08   
Hi, when I set locales to "C" everything works. I find out before, when I open anf file, close omnettpp and start it again. I am able see results. Thanks Andras for find problem.