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0000211OMNeT++IDE / documentation generatorpublic2010-10-15 12:012011-05-23 15:23
0000211: Path to "doxy.cfg" is not saved
If one sets another path than the base directory for the "doxy.cfg" file under "Properties->OMNeT++->Documentation Generator" the change is saved for the workspace but doesn't seem to be saved for the project itself because if one imports all of the project files into another workspace the path to the doxy.cfg file is back to the default again.
This way one has to set the doxy.cfg path manually each time the project is cloned/copied/etc.

How to reproduce this problem:
- create a new empty omnet++ project
- change its doxy.cfg path to something else (Properties->OMNeT++->documentation generator)
- export the project into an archive (File->Export...->General->Archive file)
- delete the project
- import the just exported archive (File->import..->existing projects into workspace"
- the path to the doxy.cfg should be back to the default value
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2011-05-23 15:23   
Currently the project specfic neddoc generator settings (not only the path to doxy.cfg) *is not* saved in a file under project directory. These settings are stored in the workspace/.metadata instead, so they are only copied when one copies the project within the workspace using the IDE.