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0000215OMNeT++IDE / result analysispublic2010-11-18 10:092010-11-26 16:00
0000215: IDE crashes when simulation is running while Dataset View is open
It is very likely (about 50% probability) that if a simulation is running, and at the same time the eclipse gui has a dataset pane open showing the sim results, the gui crashes.

It happens even if the dataset pane is not in the foreground, just with lower probability.

Basically, it seems there is a background process that keeps reading the vector files, and sometimes causes a crash.

This is surprising because when the simulation completes successfully, I still have to hit the refresh button to see the updated results, so I would expect that the result file, after the current display is completed, can be modified.

It tends to happen when the vector file is big (about 500 M).

[reported by Gug]
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? omnet crash report.dat (85,435) 2010-11-19 11:31
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