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0000230OMNeT++IDE / NED editorpublic2010-12-18 10:242010-12-18 10:55
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0000230: Type, Liketype and extends property editor cells bring up wrong lists
Currently all Type, Liketype and Extends drop-down brings up all top level types. They should rather:

- Include inner types if appropriate
- Bring up only types that are compatible. For connection type -> channels, connection like > channel interface, submodule type > module, submodule like > moduleinterface. Similarly Extends property should enumerate the compatible top level or inner types only.
- The combos should contain simple (unqualified) name *IF* that type is visible from that context without a fully qualified name (i.e. inner type, top-level type from the same package or the type is explicitly imported). Otherwise fully qualified names must be used. (ensures that no validation error will be created because of unaccessible types)
- types that contain the current element (i.e. the container of the submodule or inner type) must be eliminated (to avoid the trivial case of containment or inheritance cycle)
- type's own name must be also excluded (for extends)
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