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0000231OMNeT++IDE / simulation launcherpublic2010-12-21 11:592011-02-01 17:54
0000231: Config enumeration popup in launcher is unusable when the parameter space is too big
When the simulation has the potential to run lots of different scenarios, the "configure run" menu is practically unusable.
This is probably due, because the application creates a pop-up in the "Run number" edit box that lists the configurations for the run numbers. The code that creates this needs to be limited to only generate this information for a sensible number of runs. In this example there are >35000 runs so this will probably take a long time and be non-readable once it is finished.
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Producing the run info (by running the external program) is apparently reasonably fast even for a large param space; moreover, it is only called once. It was the HTML tooltip that took forever to come up. Now it is truncated to ~50KB.