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0000235OMNeT++IDE / NED editorpublic2011-01-03 10:552011-05-23 15:58
0000235: Missing line info for elements added in graphical mode

1. in graphics mode, add a submodule with an invalid type (add normally, then change the type in the Property editor to some invalid value)
2. switch to textual mode --> the error marker ("invalid type") will appear at the top of the buffer
3. change anything in the text editor --> error marker will jump to the correct line

Perhaps, when switching from graphical to text mode, the editor should re-parse the NED source to produce correct line info.

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2011-05-23 15:58   
This problem arises in many other cases where a syntax error occurs during editing in the graphical editor and later switching to text mode. Moreover it also occurs without syntax errors: insert a valid parameter into a compound module, select one of the submodules, switch to text mode, the cursor does not point correctly to the selected submodule...