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0000253OMNeT++IDE / documentation generatorpublic2011-02-22 23:262011-05-20 10:04
0000253: Generated documentation is incomplete
The documentation generator doesn't wait for all NED files to be loaded, so the generated html docu may be incomplete.

To reproduce:
1. close all documents and NED-related views, then exit and re-launch the IDE. Because the IDE only starts loading NED files when some NED-related functionality is used, NED files will not be immedately loaded after re-launch.
2. Bring up the Generate NED Documentation dialog (e.g. for the INET project), and accept it --> generated docu will be incomplete because NED loading still takes place while generating the docu.

DocumentationGenerator should wait until all files are loaded.

Related: one often gets "Resource is out of sync with the file system" error. The tool should refresh the projects before starting generation?
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