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0000254OMNeT++IDE / documentation generatorpublic2011-02-22 23:332011-02-22 23:35
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0000254: Automatically hyperlinking module names in comment texts is sometimes inconvenient
Hyperlinking can be over-aggressive, e.g. in the phrases "IP address" or "TCP port" it links to the IP and TCP modules, which is not what the author wants. Escaping with backslash ("\IP address") is cumbersome, and e.g. in INET there are a lot of such "false positives", many of them unexpected, and it's impossible to escape them all. (Proof: browse old INET docu...)

There should be a possibility to turn off automatic hyperlinking, and instead explicitly denote which words need to be linked, e.g. with tilde: "the ~TCP module".

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2011-02-22 23:35   
Added a checkbox in the Generate Documentation.. dialog to choose between auto-linking and tilde mode. [Tamas Borbely]