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0000256OMNeT++IDE / documentation generatorpublic2011-02-23 00:072011-02-23 00:10
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0000256: Problem publishing link to internal page of generated docu
When I send someone a link to the docu of some module e.g. in INET, when the person opens the link the page will come up without the tree navigation frame on the left. This makes it difficult for him/her to get in context.

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2011-02-23 00:07andrasNew Issue
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2011-02-23 00:10andrasFixed in Version => 4.2b1
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2011-02-23 00:10   
Added some Javascript code to all generated pages so that they reload themselves as part of the frameset if they were opened directly. As a result, the navigation frame on the left will be loaded automatically after a redirection.