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0000272OMNeT++IDE / otherpublic2011-03-17 20:122011-05-25 15:30
0000272: Impossible to install from Helios repository
I want to install a plugin from the Helios repository:
Help -> Software Updates -> Find and install...
Add site Helios [^]

It tries for a while and results in an error message about network problems. The details say that the repository does not provide a valid site.xml file.

Although based on Helios, OMNeT++ 4.2b1 uses classic updates. The Helios P2 repository is not compatible with classic update. No installation is possible.
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2011-05-25 15:30   
Added the p2 UI and the default Indigo repositories. Update and install is working now. In addition the build script creates an update repository too so it is possible to install the OMNET IDE from a CDT installation. (using the generted repository as an update site)