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0000273OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2011-03-20 02:262011-05-27 16:56
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0000273: not possible to set static library path from GUI
from the Project Properties dialog, in the tab Makemake->Link, we can set the static library name, but it is not possible to set the corresponding library path, if we click the "Paths and symbols" link, we can only see the "Include" path, the Library path is not shown. For the entire project, if we set the library path in the tab "C/C++ General->Paths and Symbols->Library Paths", the path is not inserted in the Makefile.
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2011-05-27 16:56   
I have checked the issue. The extra library path must be set in the project's property dialog. Be sure whether the path entered exist and whether it is an absolute path or workspace relative. Non-existent paths are silently ignored by the make file generator. Please provide some additional info and repoen if you still cannot set it.