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0000281OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2011-04-26 13:462011-04-27 09:40
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0000281: "Build Project" function builds base projects as well
When choosing "Build Project" from a project's context menu, it also builds the project(s) that project depends on.

This is especially inconvenient if my project depends on a large project like MiXiM. When I build my project via context menu->Build Project it cleans MiXiM as well, which takes a very long time to rebuild.

Build should only build the local project (or ask whether to build base projects as well).
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It seems to be "similar" to bug 0000173 reported by Andras, but only for "make".
2011-04-27 09:40   
It is the intended behavior of CDT ( [^]) to build referenced projects before the selected one. If the referenced projects are already up to date (recently built), their build process (Makefile) is supposed to complete instantenously.

Consequently, this is not a bug but expected behavior.