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0000284OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2011-04-27 17:532011-05-06 10:39
0000284: isDirectory throws too much
We typically run simulation applications in parallel so that we can leverage multiple cores without having to deal with concurrency within a simulation run. However when we do this files and directories can be dynamically created and destroyed by the simulation (and related tools) as other simulations run.

Sometimes this will cause problems when omnet wants to walk directories because the isDirectory function throws on errors instead of simply returning false. The attached patch fixes this.
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patch 0001-Fixed-isDirectory-so-that-it-does-not-throw-on-error.patch (1,092) 2011-04-27 17:53
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2011-05-06 10:39   
Fixed: now it only throws if stat() fails with some other error than "no such file or directory" (errno==ENOENT)