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0000286OMNeT++IDE / animation playerpublic2011-04-28 12:022011-04-28 13:16
0000286: SystemC model generated message cannot be shown in the anination on Linux
I connected a SystemC module and an OMNET module. I could see the message sending from OMNET to SystemC, but I could not see the message sending in other direction, although the simulation result was correct.
It happens only on Linux, not on Windows. On Windows, I can see the messages on both directions.
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2011-04-28 13:16   
Could you perhaps attach a simple test code that produces the issue?
What Linux version are you using?
It is also not clear that the issue is with the Tkenv runtime environment? (I'm asking this, because you have chosen the animation player subsystem for the bugreport, but that is something new and was introduced only with omnet 4.2b1)