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0000287OMNeT++IDE / NED editorpublic2011-05-02 13:532011-05-18 10:34
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0000287: Channel display string content assist is incorrect
In the NED text editor, enter this:

channel SomeChannel

and hit Ctrl+Space inside "" --> module and submodule display string tags are suggested instead of channel tag, e.g. "bgg" appears but "ls" is missing.
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2011-05-02 13:53zbojtheNew Issue
2011-05-17 11:13andrasAssigned To => levy
2011-05-18 10:34levyStatusnew => resolved
2011-05-18 10:34levyFixed in Version => 4.2b3
2011-05-18 10:34levyResolutionopen => fixed

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