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0000029OMNeT++simulation kernelpublic2008-12-07 13:322008-12-10 10:04
0000029: Embed NED files in binary
omnetpp-3.3 supported statically compiled ned-files, which allowed to build a self-contained simulation binary. As omnetpp-4.0 has dropped support for statically compiled ned-files, this is not possible anymore!

Therefor it would be important to add a feature to embed ned-files in the simulation binary. This is especially useful for the distribution of a simulation in a grid network.
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2008-12-07 13:32baumgartNew Issue
2008-12-08 11:19andrasStatusnew => acknowledged
2008-12-08 11:19andrasTarget Version => 4.1
2008-12-10 08:52rhornigStatusacknowledged => to be tested
2008-12-10 10:04rhornigStatusto be tested => postponed

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