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0000294OMNeT++IDE / NED editorpublic2011-05-06 15:062011-05-27 10:19
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0000294: Organize Imports imports toplevel types from other packages rather than using local inner types
Organize Imports (also probably Clean up NED files) seems to ignore local inner types. For example, take a network which has an inner type "ethline" defined as an inner type, and used in connections. Hit Ctrl+Shift+O --> if there's an ethline toplevel type somewhere else in the project (in other packages), it will be imported.
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2011-05-06 15:06andrasNew Issue
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2011-05-27 10:19levyStatusnew => resolved
2011-05-27 10:19levyFixed in Version => 4.2b3
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