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0000003OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2008-11-24 04:222009-01-19 15:29
0000003: IDE reports warnings as errors which are not errors
When you import the INET framework and build it, you get a lot of errors. These are mostly compiler warnings which should be treated as such.

I would like to see those as warnings and not as errors, since errors signal (for me) a real problem that causes the simulation to not run or impact the linking.
An error should only occur if the executable/library could not be linked or if the simulation will definitely (without any chance that this is desired) is incorrect.
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2008-11-24 04:47   
Warnings are normally displayed as yellow "!" in the Problems View. Do you see warnings displayed as errors (red "x") in the Problems View? Please clarify!
2008-11-24 05:11   
Yes, compiler warnings such as "unused variables" or "better put parenthesis around here" are displayed with as an error with a red x
2008-11-24 05:37   
(edited on: 2008-11-24 05:57)
Thanks. What is your OS, compiler, compiler version? Also: what error parsers do you have selected on Project Properties -> C/C++Build -> Settings -> Error Parsers? What version of INET did you try? (We cannot reproduce this issue on Linux/gcc-4.3.2, nor with MinGW.)

2008-11-24 06:31   
I use Ubuntu 8.10 (gcc-4.3.2) with INETMANET-20080920. Strange is however, that I don't have this error anymore. I had this on a similar machine with the same versions but now it is gone. There may have been leftovers from omnetpp-4.0b7. Well, consider this problem for now solved, I will however look at this a bit, since it is strange that all my errors disappear once I want to investigate them further. I should keep this skill ... .
2008-11-24 07:21   
OK :) I'm closing this bug then (you can reopen it when the bug comes again)

> I had this on a similar machine with the same versions but now it is gone.
> There may have been leftovers from omnetpp-4.0b7.

Possible. b7 was bundled with CDT 5.0, for b8 we upgraded to CDT 5.0.1. Maybe the CDT team fixed this problem.
2008-11-24 07:22   
Likely fixed in CDT 5.0.1
2009-01-05 08:54   
This problem has reappeared with 4.0rc1. Just take an arbitrary c file, add a variable "int test;" somewhere and press ctrl-B (Build all), you get a red error marker for unused variable, which should only be a warning and not an error.
2009-01-09 09:48   
I observe the same issue on my system (omnet++ 4.0rc1 Ubuntu 8.10).
2009-01-09 13:09   
This appears to be a problem in CDT's gcc error parser (project properties->settings->error parsers); this has been reported as [^] and [^]
Seems like it has problems with multi-line and/or localized messages (it checks for the literal word "warning" and doesn't understand it in other languages)

2009-01-19 11:38   
We cannot reproduce this on our english systems but could you please try to export LANG=C
before starting the IDE? This would set the gcc error/warning messages to english (and hopefully solve the problem). If this fixes the issue we will add this to the omnetpp script... Thanks
2009-01-19 14:54   
Indeed, with LANG=C the problem does not appear.
2009-01-19 15:29   
added LAND=C to the omnetpp and omnest IDE start scripts