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0000304: Poor rendering for information tooltips (hover controls) in the graphical editor and elsewhere
After upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04, information tooltips (hover controls) in the graphical editor and in other editors look quite bad. Lines are truncated, etc.

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2011-05-16 14:48   
Install xulrunner-1.9.x. (don't install xulrunner-2.x, as is not supported by Eclipse 3.6.)


The IDE uses SWT's web browser component to render informational tooltips (aka hover controls) in many editors and views. SWT's web browser component is wrapper around a real browser (IE on Windows, Firefox/xulrunner or Webkit on other platforms). If the browser component is not present, a very simplistic html renderer is used in informational tooltips, which degrades user experience.

To check whether the web browser component is available in the IDE, open the General / Internal Web Browser view in Window -> Show View.
2011-05-23 14:52   
This bug has been fixed by using the platform's standard information control classes.