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0000032OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2008-12-08 10:422008-12-08 17:08
Intel Core 2 6400Ubuntu 8.10Omnet 4.0b8
0000032: Can not edit files in IDE anymore, NULLPointer in Initial Indexer (may be related to latest Ubuntu updates)
After applying todays updates (this may or may not be important), the IDE does not allow editing files in old projects anymore.

When starting the IDE with LC_ALL=C omnetpp (because of the floating point scalar thing, the error does appear also without LC_ALL=C), I immediately get an Internal Error during Initial Indexing, details reveal a NullPointerException.

I can not edit files in my custom simulations that have worked this morning. I disabled Indexing in the General preferences but the error is still there. I can open new Projects, work there flawlessly but once I close the IDE and reopen it, I can not edit files anymore. Clicking on the small arrow next to the Project to open it makes the arrow disappear but does not show any directories or files.

Running the simulations with Right-click run as and selecting the binaries and ini files works though.

When trying to edit currently open NED Files (C files can't be edited) the programm crashes with a double free and a backtrace which I will attach.

Opening and closing the IDE without doing anything gives a java backtrace which I will also attach.

This error currently renders the IDE useless.
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gz bt-crash-java.log.gz (1,093) 2008-12-08 10:43
gz bt-crash-normal.log.gz (2,416) 2008-12-08 10:43
gz eclipselog.gz (14,692) 2008-12-08 10:52
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2008-12-08 10:46   
Can you please attach:
- eclipse log (<workspace>/.metadata/.log, <workspace>=omnetpp/samples by default)
- crash log of the jvm
- stack trace of the crash
2008-12-08 10:55   
(edited on: 2008-12-08 10:56)
Done, I also have two split copies which show essential the same, the error comes from:

at org.omnetpp.cdt.makefile.MakefileTools.collectDirs(
        at org.omnetpp.cdt.makefile.MakefileTools.collectDirs(
        at org.omnetpp.cdt.makefile.MakefileTools.collectDirs(
        at org.omnetpp.cdt.makefile.MakefileTools.getOmnetppIncludeLocationsForProject(
        at org.omnetpp.cdt.OmnetppGCCScannerInfoCollector.createPathInfoObject(

2008-12-08 11:36   
Thanks. This is in fact 3 bugs.

1. the crash is duplicate of 0000007 (fixed)
2. NPE in collectDirs() has already been fixed in the repo
3. invalid thread access in TextualNedEditor.isActive() when called on a NEDResources change notification from background thread. This issue is currently open.

Keeping the bug open due to issue 3.
2008-12-08 17:08   
Fixed the invlaid thread access issue.