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0000364OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2011-06-29 00:192011-08-31 14:41
0000364: Renaming or deleting a "makemake" folder permanently breaks build
Renaming or deleting a folder with Makefile generation enabled (Project Properties->Makemake->Makemake option) causes subsequent builds to fail with the message:

Error refreshing makefiles
Resource <missing-source-folder> does not exist

This state cannot be fixed from within the IDE. One must either restore the folder, or manually remove the folder's line from .oppbuildspec.

Suggested fix:
1. update .oppbuildspec when a makemake folder is renamed/deleted
2. when refreshing makefiles, the IDE should ignore nonexistent folders (or only warn, but it should definitely not be an error)
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2011-08-31 14:41   
What the fix does:
 - ignore nonexistent folders when refereshing makefiles
 - purge buildspec (remove nonexistent folders from it) when user commits the Makemake Options project property page
TODO: update buildspec when user renames a folder.