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0000397OMNeT++IDE / INI editorpublic2011-08-08 09:522011-08-08 09:52
0000397: "Unused entry" warning in omnetpp.ini when using the "like" keyword
The INI editor reports "Warning: Unused entry (does not match any parameters" when using "like" keyword in some NED files

I've found a post in the groups about this topic (in 4.0) but no bug report: [^]

The issue is still there in version 4.1

Attached I supply a dummy project with INI and NED files that reproduce this problem.
The parameters "**.NIC.MAC.engine.debug" and "**.NIC.MAC.engine.coreDebug" are really needed. If I do not assign them in the INI file to TRUE, they get their default value (FALSE) when running the simulation.

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