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0000040OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2008-12-20 17:452011-06-06 16:11
0000040: The IDE exported 'makemakefiles' makefile is not correct
If you export a makefilegeneration makefile the IDE will writed a makefile which contain variables like $(CONFIGNAME), however these veriables must be double escaped (once for the makefile, once for the shell). I.e the correct format should be:
'$$(CONFIGNAME)' instaead of $(CONFIGNAME)

Also it seems that the include directories (-I) are not correctly exported into the makefile... (i.e. several include dirs are missing which are present in the IDE generated makefile) (see: mobilityfw2.0p3-o4 testSuite dir)
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2011-06-06 16:11   
Tested. Works correctly with omnet 4.2b2 and generates exactly the same opp_makemake commandline as the IDE.