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0000402OMNeT++IDE / NED editorpublic2011-08-12 09:232011-09-14 13:13
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0000402: Ctrl+Tab does not work in text mode
When a NED file contains just 1 simple module (or channel with @class), Ctrl+Tab should switch to the C++ impl, regardless of the cursor position within the file. Currently it only works if the cursor is inside the simple module decl (not even its neddoc comment will do).

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2011-08-12 09:23andrasNew Issue
2011-09-14 13:13andrasStatusnew => resolved
2011-09-14 13:13andrasFixed in Version => 4.2
2011-09-14 13:13andrasResolutionopen => fixed
2011-09-14 13:13andrasAssigned To => andras

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