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0000406OMNeT++IDE / sequence chartpublic2011-08-28 09:152011-09-12 10:45
0000406: init message is always logged
the initialization message is always logged for all of the modules, even if the eventlog-recording-intervals is specified. If the module-eventlog-recording is specified, all of the modules are visible in the Eventlog window, it takes a long time to open it, and the event log file is rather large for each run, even if I just want to see a piece of it.
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Duplicate of (or at least related to):
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2011-09-12 10:45   
According to the documentation the module-eventlog-recording option is used to record events that occurred in the matching modules. The module initialization is not an event that occurs in a single module, thus the above option does not affect it.