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0000430OMNeT++IDE / C++ developmentpublic2011-11-04 15:082012-01-09 18:07
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0000430: Creation of the additional static libs for shared lib selection
It would be nice if the static libs of shared libs could be also generated. Currently you can only select the dynamic or static library creation in makemake options dialog (it is not possible to select both).

If you want to reuse these libs in other projects and you want to compile it with -static option then it would fail because of missing static libs. I think it is not the problem to extend the makemake to generate the static libs at dynamic lib generation.
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auto export/import is turned on on mingw so you can link with the generated .dll files directly. No extra .lib files are needed. We try to remain as close to the unix behavior as possible.

If you have a specific case that is not solvable by auto importing, please reopen the issue.