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0000045OMNeT++IDE / NED editorpublic2009-01-20 09:272012-01-09 18:11
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0000045: Memory Leak in IDE
This is an error of eclipse, but I think it is caused by my project.
There were many syntax errors in my project(more than 400, most of them are in the NED files), and I was tring to fix them in the IDE. As we know, after an syntax error is fixed, some others will gone, and the IDE will refresh the error messages in the "Problems" column. The IDE is very slowly, after about 1/3 of the errors are fixed, the error happend, as showned in the graph. I checked my computer, about 2G memory of my computer was "eaten" by the IDE.
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Splitted the issue to 4 separate one. Please do not report several unrelated issues in a single bugreport. It makes the tarcking very hard. Report each and every issues separately. See 0000046 0000047 0000048
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How much physical memory you had in your machine? What JVM version do you have. Was there any logfiles generated? See workspace/.metadata/.log
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